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Great Features

body-PRO gives you Desktop power in a mobile app for iPod, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. With over 15 years of development of health and fitness applications on mobile platforms we have taken our #1 fitness app from another mobile platform and re-engineered it from the ground up specifically for Apple iOS 8 completely written in Swift. Additionally we have sweetened it will some amazing Apple Watch interoperability. Plan your workouts quickly and easily so that you spend less time entering data and more time hitting the gym and enjoying life.


Perfect for any level of fitness, body-PRO can help you with hundreds of built-in exercises or you can easily add your own.

Seamless Apple Watch Integration
  • start rest timer on Apple Watch with iPhone reading info aloud for your next exercise

  • data changes on one device are instantly updated on the other

  • do simple edits on the Apple Watch

  • use the Apple Watch count down timer or start the timer on the iPhone from the Apple Watch App

  • activate iPhone metronome from Apple Watch

Easy for Beginners
  • pop tips guide you

  • over 30 predefined strength workouts

  • enter data in either metric or imperial

Lots of Standard Features
  • hundreds of strength exercises

  • quickly copy a single exercise from another day or an entire days workout.

  • easily duplicate, move and delete any exercise

  • share any item for quick access later

  • quick increment/decrement

  • fast duplicate items

Powerful Advanced Functions
  • rest timer to keep you on pace

  • reorder exercises at any time

Motivational Cool Stuff
  • read aloud next exercise and rest count down

  • play workout music on iTunes App and read aloud will lower music when speaking

  • metronome for specific strength exercise tempos

  • email strength workouts to friends

We're really excited about how seamlessly the Apple Watch and body-PRO can improve a strength workout. We've added Apple Watch features that will amaze you and keep you on track towards fitness success.

You can use the body-PRO rest timer directly on the Apple Watch or even cooler you can start from your Apple Watch a timer on your iPhone that reads aloud the next exercise and and the count down. With the body-PRO Apple Watch app able to do all workout functions you just lift your arm and tap. Staying organized when working out has never been easier. Less distractions means you'll be even more focused on your workout and see better and faster results.

Working out successfully means finding your groove, your routine and your style. Body-PRO is about you and offers the flexibility you need to maximize. Music plays an important role in achieving high performance. Your workout doesn't need to be silent (who wants to hear you grunt) Play your favourite music on iTunes and read aloud messages like the next exercise and count down will automatically lower and raise (duct) the music volume.

No need to distract yourself with a timer, your iPhone tells you verbally so you can focus on your form and posture and not the hands of a timer.

Apple Watch Integration
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