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activeMAZE coming April 13, 2017
Challenge Mind and Body

Never have you been so lost. The way out, a forgotten memory.

As impossible as it may seem to finish, you know moving will get you there. Fast or slow it does not matter, only the effort you make counts.

And so you begin your journey to find the path on an epic adventure of mind and body. Along the way you will discover attributes that will help you achieve fitness success. These attributes of success are celebrated in the form of rings that will unlock increasing levels of difficulty.

activeMAZE is an augmented reality game that merges virtual and real worlds to activate a synergy of mind and body. 
The more active your body and mind are, the faster you can complete the maze. Additional features like an aerial view are linked to your achievements.

The mazes start out simple but increase in size and complexity as you unlock levels. As you progress to higher levels new objects will appear that can help or hinder your progress.

Not feeling energetic today? Simply turn off the active augmented reality mode to do the mazes without being active.

To enjoy the optimal activeMAZE experience play on an Apple Watch or simply tap Explore to play on an iPhone or iPad.

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